GRAY TMI – 2019

GRAY | TMI | 2019

GRAY TMI (Too Much Information)

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Last time we have Hyolyn featuring GRAY, now GRAY is back with his solo song called TMI. Or maybe TMI stands for Too Much Information? Gray scheduled in 2018 was cancelled from the show Show Me the Money 7, and it was a sad moment. But other than that GRAY’s year have been pretty well.


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The music video was super aesthetic as expected in most South Korean music videos. They really captivate the whole idea of aesthetic. The lyrics translation were available, so the international fans no need to worry or wondering around about the meaning of the song. I think the song itself is talking about the everyday’s life of GRAY, there is even a statistic about him.

On the song, GRAY talked about his everyday schedule and the reason why he is not able to enjoy his own time. There are some parts where GRAY talked about himself to the fans. For example the breakfast that he has in the morning, the eye minus that he has. Yup, it’s a song about being a celebrity, the idea of the song then reminds me of Dean’s Instagram. To put it short it’s about losing their private space as they go famous. But Instagram is more focusing about wasting your time on social media for no reason.

Feel free to let me know which GRAY release are the best for you guys? let me know about more k hip hop if you want to!

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