Yawah | HANGMAN 2019 | Talented and Young Underground Artist from South Korea

YAWAH Released Hangman

YAWAH is the young producer that collaborated with iKon, he is from the underground music community in South Korea.

Yawah | HANGMAN 2019
Yawah | HANGMAN 2019

Yawah is actually one of the youngest underground artists in South Korea. With the booming of the kpop industry, indeed this industry is the most trustworthy money maker for young talented artists. YAWAH is non-other part of that 1%. At such a young age he participated in iKon’s single Killing Me. His SoundCloud is amazing, if you are lucky you can find iKon’s B.I, and ONE as well as part of his soundcloud “group”

He recently made a debut album that also released on Spotify. I personally think that the young generation Z in South Korea is very supportive of the opportunities that they are having at the moment. I personally think that YAWAH’s collective is very stick with their own interpretation of “street culture”

I feel like if you are a ZICO’s fan then you should check this guy out, or even MINO if he wants to go hard. I think his music is very “on at the moment”, even if you are a fan of Dok2, the ILLIONARE group that just mostly goes straight to hip hop music. I feel like this album is very filled up with super young talented artists, and it means that they actually just have a lot of confidence.


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I feel like Yawah himself is a very cool person, his track called DRUG LORD is actually almost reminds me a lot of with KOHH’s recent album that also influenced with rock/metal rock song. But to say it profoundly there are some barrier here, with the language barrier, and definitely, I would like the explanation about the story behinds the album by him. Other than that it’s an amazing album by him, and definitely can’t wait for what will he released in the next future.

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