No Handouts | Dipha Barus |Laze | A. Nayaka | 2019

No Handouts | Dipha Barus |Laze | A. Nayaka

No Handout Release in 2019

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No Handouts | Dipha Barus |Laze | A. Nayaka

Dipha Barus, Laze, and A. Nayaka just dropped the music called No Handouts, I have to say that the whole thing is totally such an amazing production from the three artists. The lyrics are mostly written in Indonesian, and English, but they also provided with the English subtitle.

I have to say that sadly Indonesian hip hop is actually underappreciated under the rising of kpop music, and other music that charting in the Billboard charts. But actually, there are a lot of talented hip hop artists in Indonesia. Rich Brian is definitely one of the artists that breaking the boundaries. But the artists who live in Indonesia like Laze, Jayko, A. Nayaka are actually created amazing pieces.


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Based on the information that I found on the internet A. Nayaka grew up in the States, hence his play words for the rapping parts are amazing. And Laze, he is a pro in the rap battle. In the information that I got from he used to do a battle rap, yup he is a real MC. I feel like the Indonesian language is actually not an easy language there are certain words that I couldn’t catch up anymore, and through music sometimes I learnt a lot of new words.

Rap battle is actually very famous in the States, if you ever see the movie 8 Miles, that’s what an MCs are doing. They do raps battle, or maybe if you are familiar with the show, Show Me the Money, (season 8 coming soon) that’s how similar a rap battle is. But once again the song No Handouts is a well-made production song.

I think the song itself is talking about power, I guess there is a certain part that showing it on the music video. Hints like “Yang Terpilih” or the chosen one was actually shown on the MV. The music is really cool, and if you think Indonesian music is not cool, you are totally wrong. I linked their spotify links too. 

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