SMTM 8 | Are You Ready for the New Season?


SMTM season 8

Show Me the Money 8..are you excited?

SMTM 8 | Are You Ready for the New Season?


Season 8 for Show Me the Money is going to start, last SMTM 7 was amazing. Although my favourite season has to be season 5. The show itself is already captivated the fans all around the world, even in the West. As you may know, since season 5 they also conducted the audition in the United States.


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The campaign seems to be different from any other years as well, they started to dropped the music video by Loopy, Nafla. Actually each of the artists are releasing their own Show Me the Money music video promotion.  The lyrics are containing the success that they achieved following the SMTM show. To put it short that Show Me the Money is actually give the artists name a boost. And it’s even got it’s own power since the season 5. Bewhy is really becoming big following season 5, and since he collaborated with many artists since then.

Tiger JK who previously in charge of season 6 was actually criticised the show as not being authentic enough. Clearly because I understand on what he said. Since hip hop was originally was form on the street, and the artists are using rap as an art form to raising their voice, they have been struggling from the street. There is no instance success in the hip hop community. Even if Jay Z got his own empire with his record label, rejections came thousands times too when he was such a young MC. Otherwise the season will be releasing next week (the producers announcement), so let’s wait and see the new season soon.

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