For The Throne Game of Thrones Season 8 | Best in 2019

For the Throne; Game of Thrones Inspired Soundtrack

FOR THE THRONE is an album inspired by the series Game of Thrones


Finally, the last season of Game of Thrones is finally here. After almost a decade Game of Thrones has amazing years with the fans. And definitely their incredible stories, the casts, and the props. As for their last season, they don’t disappoint at all, by giving the fans an album inspired by the series itself.

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The album composed of heavily top charted artists from A$AP Rocky, SZA, Travis Scott, but sadly James Blake is not part of the album. I have to say that the whole album is mainly based in hip hop and R&B inspired. Interestingly it reminds me of the success of the BLACK PANTHER soundtrack album that was produced by Kendrick Lamar. A name like X Ambassador also featured in the soundtrack along with Jacob Banks. X Ambassador also featured at Eminem‘s REVIVAL for BAD HUSBAND.


  1. Power is Power (SZA, the Weeknd, Travis Scott)
  2. Baptize Me (X Ambassador, Jacob Banks)
  3. Too Many Gods (A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$)
  4. From the Grave (James Arthur)

First Game of Thrones is like a chess game, so whoever is the stronger is going to win. Basically the first track Power is Power is definitely picturing the series itself, one of the highlights of the song is “Heavy is the crown only for the weak“. As you probably can relate the series is Games of Thrones, so everyone is fighting for their power.


As Baptize Me is another song that I personally think as one of my favourites because the first lines of the song were Cutting all ties, won’t you baptize me? ‘Cause life sometimes got me on my knees. While Baptism in Christianity is acted as a purifying or being born again (a remark), on the story is about being the forgotten are fighting to be accepted once again. So it’s also picturing the series’ stories.

As a fan of A$AP definitely this track is the one that I have been waiting since the release of the tracklist. There is a line “I woke up a king in a peasant body Killed my pride, I felt less embodied” As you may know the outsider are fighting for their place once again. Definitely, their pride is becoming the most important one here. That’s why Game of Thrones is an intense series that’s really good, and the stories are just amazing.

From the Grave, clearly on this Game of Thrones loyalty is being part of the highlights. The shows started when I was a bit young! can you believe that? but anyways the line I would pay the cost to Be in your arms agaiis talking about loyalty, and clearly, betrayals seems to happened a lot of this series.

Overall the game of power in real life is actually happening. And funny thing its probably happening to the closest people around us, without we notice it. Let me know what is your favourite song from this album. And yes feel free to comment to let me know if anything you want to add. Clearly Game of Thrones is a series that everybody will miss for a while! But for now I’m happy that they are still around, and yess Thank you for the album soundtrack. Does anyone thing You Should See Me in A Crown by Billie Eilish are actually also perfect for the album??

Before I ended up everything as well, let me know who is your favourite character of the series? As for me I might be in love definitely for the Mother of the Dragon! I mean it must be cool to have dragon right?





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