FKA TWIGS Dropped Cellophane

FKA TWIGS Dropped Cellophane

FKA TWIGS is one of the best artists from the UK. Other than being a solo artist, FKA Twigs also featured in Rocky’s album Testing.

CELLOPHANE is actually her first single since 2016. Not only that I feel like FKA Twigs herself prepared for the best of her career. With the visual of the music video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, who previously directed Björk before, and producers Jeff Kleinman and Michael Uzowuru who previously also worked with Frank Ocean as Dazed provide the information.

As you may know before that FKA Twigs is a profiler dancer. So in this music video, she showed how flexible she is, and the music video just sublime.  The song contained some of the break up hints. As seen as the lyric below.


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But I, just want to feel you’re there
And I don’t want to have to share our love
I try but I get overwhelmed
When you’re gone, I have no one to tell

Cellophane itself is a plastic used to repackage a food product. Here is what I understand, cellophane draws a comparison of the feeling of love. FKA Twigs has not talked about her newest EP release, but she released a tour date. So if you are coming to one of FKA Twigs show, let me know!

Last but not least please share your favourite of FKA Twigs released! I’ll appreciate it so much, and I’m open to any recommendations for the blog. ❤


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