First dropped in 2019 by NIKI ZEFANYA


NIKI from the 88rising company just released her new single titled Lowkey. She was up with her EP titled ZEPHYR in 2018, and it’s quiet gaining a lot of love from the fans. Moreover, she was recently been hanging up with the BLACKPINK’s member LISA, both artists have shown their greatest admiration of each other!

Clearly, with Lowkey, you can listen that she is more mature as an artist. Lowkey itself is a love-based song, inspired by a story of a love that must be kept in a secret from anyone else. The song was co-written by the British singer Maisie Peters. I really can’t wait for the rest of the year for NIKI. I would like to wish her all the best for all what she is doing.


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Hush now, I know we’re a little too fucked up to stay still, love
Be as quiet as you can cause if anyone sees they’ll just blow shit up



I would like to say that I think the song was so relatable as most of the fans of the 88rising community are in their adolescence life. So the best part of when you write a song and listen to it is being relatable to the music. NIKI’s vocal is really amazing on her new release, you can feel that she is starting to finding her own voice. Although in a way she always does, I just feel like she is more confident with the word choice. Although her songs are such slow, chill songs they are perfect for your road trip.

Her music video also amazing, with a yellow and blue aesthetic. Well but the colours of the music video is just deeper than it looks. While yellow represents a vibrant colour, but the colour has a conflicting meaning, first, the yellow has a meaning of being positive, and loyalties, but at the same time it also represents cowardice. As it said before that the song is about a secret relationship. While blue colour represents loyalty, confidence, and sincerity. Have to say that we can wait for what NIKI will release in the next future.

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