ROMderful Press L to Continue | 2019 Release | ONE OF THE BEST OF THE WEEK| DEBUT ALBUM

PRESS L to Continue

By the Young Birmingham Native ROMderful

The highlight was his featured with DEAN

+ROMderful Press L to Continue+ 2019

Alright, firstly the album is composed of 11 tracks, Some of the names that acted as a featured artist on the songs are actually, if you are familiar with the blog you need to check out these people like Jay Prince, and DEAN.

Clearly it’s his first ever album, and I feel like his music really was just an amazing. If you are such a fan of British artists, you need to check this guy out. Clearly his music is a combinations of R&B and hip hop music, I feel like DAVE is also on the same spectrum. I have to say that Run Things, Make Me Feel, 1 Missed Call, are my favourites from the album.


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There are some oldies vibes given by ROMderful, I could say that the best part is that his music are mostly chill out songs, so there are no such an intense or party anthem songs, but they are still memorable. Make Me Feel is a mixed of Jazz music with ROMdeful gave out his best first for the rap part just yet. It’s a romantic song, about falling in love as I interpret it to myself. Clearly, 1 Missed Call where he collaborated with DEAN from South Korea is being the first dropped, and it’s just one of the highlights on this album.

What I could say is that there are some Blackberry Molases inspration on this album, yes I watched Tupac Shakur movie, because he was passed when I wasn’t born yet. As I was born in 1998, but I still look for 90s music like Destiny’s Child. So that’s how I conclude this album, there are no tracks that I’m not really into it, I just could listen to the album as it goes by, and I think that is the best part right? you don’t want to skip any of the songs.

There are no music video dropped just yet, but next week is going to be exciting as Taylor Swift, and NIKI from 88rising are going to release their music soon!!!! (actually this week) be sure and stay tuned for more music discussion!

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