the other | Other Asian Minorities That You Need to Know in 2019

the other | Other Asian Minorities That You Need to Know in 2019




As we always said about breaking the boundaries between the West and the East, but I just think that the headlines are just too focusing on KPOP industry. Well, I can’t help that YG Entertainments are always dominating the charts from 2NE1, BIGBANG, WINNER, BLACKPINK, and more. And even BTS whom they got to be invited to Grammy Awards, and other prestigious events, but there are other artists that as “the other”. I’m definitely really loving with the K POP industry.

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But sometimes the focus of the music is just being part of the KPOP cricle, if you look around in Asia, there are so many talented artists like Kenshi Yonezu, the Teriyaki Boyz, and Yuna, from Malaysia. But the centre is just “kpop” while all people is talking about breaking the boundaries. Well, just focusing on pop is not really breaking the boundaries. Rolling Stone also just keep focusing on the rising of kpop, and we a bit reading these similar topics for over years.

Congratulations to those kpop artists that have made this far, but there are other Asian musicians that’s also equally as good and talented as the ”popular” artists. For example the Asian-American people. What about them? not many media are covering it, not until the rebirth of Tiffany Young. With 88rising, there’s an improvement regarding the Asian representation in the States.

Brian Puspos 

Brian Puspos is a dancer, he used to be featured a lot on 88rising’s YouTube channel, he is more known as the dancer rather a singer, but who knows that Brian is such a talented R&B artist. In recent year, Brian just releases a song called Temporary on his own YouTube channel. It is unclear if he signed with 88rising, or he releases his music through the channel, his songs are just worth to check.

Jeff Bernat

Another musician coming from the Asian-American background is Jeff Bernat, with his folios by collaborating with artists like DEAN, and more. Such an amazing artist! Jeff Bernat also just released his EP called She Loves Me Not the Ep is starring with 4 songs. Such an amazing EP by the artist, and I’m such a fan for the current Asian artists breaking the WEST!!!

Matt Cab

I think at the moment people think that the Asian representative in the music industry is just the kpop. But it’s not, there are other parts of the world that actually represents the Asian music industry. Matt Cab one of the Japanese artists, although he is not pure Japanese, but I think he also represents as the “the other” parts of the Asian music industry. Actually Matt worked with BTS as well for their Japanese album.

Nikko Dator

You might think hip hop in Asia is only about the “sweetest rappers” in the world right? forget that until you see Nikko Dator. The US based artists are just a cool rapper, bringing the name of the Asian-American represents in the States. He definitely got some of the dope songs from his own musical style. You might need to take a look at his music channel.

So if someone asked why would I listened to some of the Chinese songs, or even Vietnamese songs by these amazing artist, Vũ Cát Tường. But in my personal opinion it will the same as everyone that’s not understanding Korean listen to K-Pop music get it?

I think the representations of music in the whole world need to be more realistic. The Asian representations are just not only from one country as the whole Asia area! But I totally appreciate it by what the people are trying to be. Making it seems more diverse for the industry. But Asia itself is a huge continent.

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