Kang Gary Activities | Not chasing nametag anymore

Kang Gary activities. We used to see Kang Gary every sunday on SBS Running Man. But where is he now ?? What is his activities nowadays ?? For you who curious go check it out ~

Kang Gary

We Love Monday couple, we also love Leessang, but it’s only a memories now because Kang Gary is busy with his new life. KanG Gary is not chasing nametag anymore nor performing on big stage with Gil nowadays. It doesnt mean Gary disappear, he just have more time to do things that he love the most, music & family.


Gary As Father



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Kang Gary now is a father of a healthy son & the head of family full of love. Kang Gary often post on his youtuba channel & instagram, having fun and enjoy the day with the family.  Make sure to follow his instagram so you dont miss out the cute Kang Gary activities with his son

Gary as DJ

Kang Gary 2019

This is the main job of Kang gary right now, a DJ. He’s also goes with stage name Yangbban, often as a set with DJ Mindspray. Gary perform every week on Clubs & event. DJ Gary even invited to perform overseas in China !!

Gary as youtuber & Vlogger

Youtuber ?? Yup ! Kang Gary have a youtube where he often post fun stuff !! Including family vacation, DJ Activities, making music or just more fun stuff like learning english. Kang Gary already have more 100 K Subscriber so he’s one of the silver youtube user, Congrats !! TMI There’s already english subs on every kang Gary youtube vid.


Gary as Rapper | Sun feat Chancellor

He’s still a rapper . Even though Leessang company & Leessang have cease to active, Gary still a rapper that we all know and love. Have a lengthy career that goes way back since 2000’s with Honey Family. Beside release a single on 2018, Kang Gary also feature on Han Yohan track in EXIV EP Villain Out’.


Bonus : Kang Gary funny moment on Running man

Bonus : Kang Gary with leessang ‘Leessang Blues’

Make sure to follow Kang Gary on Instagram : @Kanggary_yangban & Youtube channel HERE. Don’t miss out of kang Gary activities on 2019 ~



Kang Gary as a Celebrity, entertainer, rapper, DJ, or father. We love all of them equally and gonna keep support Kang Gary future acitivites !!


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