With his departure from YG Entertainment AXIS SINXITY has been pretty successful with his own startup company. Well, there is nothing easy with this life, but one thing for sure you can do whatever you want if you are really passionate about it. After Katie remix with Ty Dolla $ign AXIS company also releasing another song from their company that was released on Bugs.

I have to be honest that Katie is such an amazing artist. However, the delays from the company about releasing her new “other” music is somewhat hard to believe. But according to YTN News, Katie is signed with a US-based agency called AWAL. So AWAL is the home for artists such as LAUV, Madison Beer, and the late Lil Peep.


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But their artists like Elan and Logan who also released their songs through AXIS’s platform. What I realised that their songs are not really into the Korean audience, and their directions are slightly towards the indie fans. Like independent artists, vibes are completely running through the AXIS’s artists. Most of them are bringing the R&B music, or maybe the alternative versions out of it, like the fans of DEAN are going to love them.

HENRY who previously signed to SM was also signed to AXIS when his contract expired. You can see that AXIS is really learning a lot through his years in YG Entertainment. There is a rumour that Katie and HENRY will soon release their full album through the platform. It’s going to be interesting on what the artists will have in the near future, with Katie she got a plan, and her music was original will be distributed by YG Entertainment.

Well, that’s business right? you don’t really have an exact plan, on how it will work out. Sometimes it’s working and sometimes is not, and that’s life too. ALL I could say all the released are very interesting and worth to listen. I was surprised, but not too surprised, like the direction that he aiming for is slightly similar to 88rising, and YG but he worked in YG for a decade (I think). Let’s hope everything for the best for AXIS and the ARTISTS

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