+jaden smith’s sudden EP ERYS IS COMING 2019+




Jaden Smith dropped his newest EP called Erys is Coming. The young rapper performed in the Coachella 2019 this weeks. And yes he also joined by his father, Will Smith on stage.

well, definitely it’s finally amazing for Jaden himself to do something that he loves. Although at the beginning of his career, Will Smith also had few tracks, and his last album was released in 2005. But seems like Apple fall not far from its tree. Jaden who started as a young actor also featured in the film like Karate Kid.

Jaden also released a new music video for SOHO earlier last week. I think Jaden is able to prove himself that he is more than just a celebrity kid trying to make it in the industry. He got his own style with SOHO, and his video always got a complete aesthetics, as you can see from his previous videos too.


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I think Jaden’s tone is probably cool, but at the same time it’s like you’ve heard it somewhere. It’s like Quavo-ish track at the first track, and I think I don’t mind with the Quavo-esque music. As for track 2 you can listen it’s such a cool song, if you want to have fun with your friends definitely you need to get this song on! But the thing is rapping is not easy! And I totally understand that.

Jaden is still young, and definitely growing up with all the fame since he was young is definitely hard. Especially when you have both parents are public figures! There are some expectations, but I think Jaden trying to look for himself at this EP, which I think is amazing. I really hope that he will explore more on his style in the future. Because his creative direction is really cool, it’s just a dope music, from everything the fashion, the aesthetic just PERFECT! 

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