not waving but drowning 2019 review

not waving but drowning

2019 review

not waving but drowning 2019 review
not waving but drowning 2019 review

Hi everyone, first of all have a Good Friday, if you celebrate it. And finally the album of Loyle Carner is here. The title of the album is Not Waving, But Drowning. Well firstly you may know Loyle Carner from my previous posts, and obviously because he is also a Liverpool fan. Well another reason for me to wait for this album is that his collaboration with Jorja Smith!


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With 15 tracks on the album, its a worth listening topic for your weekend! And if you’re coming from UK, it’s definitely a perfect album to check, I mean UK music scenes have been so amazing lately. Well, one of my favourites is actually It’s Coming Home? that has a sound of England winning the penalty at the World Cup 2018, it’s just a reaction voice, which is perfect. Desoleil is actually so perfect, the beats at the background is just so chilling. And another reason because that’s the collaboration with SAMPHA!

In love, when the going is tough
I wait ’til it falls on deaf ears

Obviously, Loose Ends, with Jorja Smith is amazing, as I mentioned before, I think the song is filled with a hopeless romantic. But it’s not only a “relationship” love but more a community love, like your closed ones. I felt like Jorja’s improvisation worked well with Loyle’s chill raps. I personally don’t think that this album is actually filled with party banger songs, which is good because you can listen to it longer.

Congrats for the album Loyle Carner, and I will patiently wait for the music video for the album! have a great long weekend everyone!



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