Bewhy’s Challan just dropped. The Korean rapper rose to the scene from the show called Show Me the Money 5. But since then he has not slowed down, even a single moment, with his appearance on the movie ASURA for the soundtrack.

What do I think about the song, I think the song is pretty intense. Bewhy’s flow is not the same as the other Korean rappers. Despite being on the media scene he is very outspoken on talking about his faith, and making a lot of references to the Bible, and God, crediting everything about his success to God.

I think Challan MV also very intense, the cinematography of the MV is amazing, very well made. What you can see in Bewhy’s MV is not only about money, and girls, but also the intense meaning behinds it. However, Challan also meaning as a document or paperwork. It used a delivery receipt in a country like Pakistan or India. Here we can see that we are actually seeing that Bewhy is actually writing about his successful career without being in a big agency.

Brilliant they say, they say
What a brilliant young boy


As you can see his comparison to the eccentric Willy Wonka I am really young Willy Wonka 만들어 내 명의 된 힙합 millennium. As Willy Wonka is very creative with his chocolate factory, Bewhy is very successful with his career in the K Hip Hop Industry. Not only that I think Bewhy also being “clean” on the industry. Meaning that he is not in charge of any criminal activities. His collaboration with A$AP is one of his biggest moment, and it was uploaded on A$AP’s YouTube channel. Congratulations for your comeback BeWhy.

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