Big Wheels Kevin Abstract 2019

Big Wheels Kevin Abstract


Kevin Abstract from the collective of Brockhampton released his EP with a total of 3 songs. And I love it! I mean Brockhampton defines another level of a boy group, and their collection is a bit different compared to other boy bands. His groupmates also releasing his EP as well. Jack Antonoff who collaborate with the young rapper, also previously worked with Taylor Swift, and the group fun. (well he is a member)

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The introduction towards this EP is starting through the video called The 1-9-9-9 Is Coming through the Brockhampton’s YouTube channel. I have to say that the music video is just sublime, and it’s unique. I feel like the rap parts on this EP is very stylish, you heard the saxophone and other instruments that you can play. It’s not only a heavy beat that producing party anthem, but the song itself is very enjoyable. I actually have not much criticism towards the EP, considering it’s only a 3 songs EP. And their none bad song on this one, so this is a must listen EP from all the artists at the moment. happy Monday

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