Hi, guys, my friend was questioning why my Indonesia Presidential election is earlier compared to the date that Indonesia has registered. The news was actually have been delivered in earlier this year, through websites like Kompas, Kumparan, and many more. This Presidential election is so important to build a better Indonesia. Hence as younger people of this country, yes you need to vote. The election is actually easier by 1 week from Indonesia’s date of the election. However, the voting count will be counting on the same day.

Based on what I know you need to register if you live overseas, or a student. It depends on where do you live. And if you are visitors you are still able to vote when you are overseas. If you live, or a student, and if you have registered you will be registered as DPT, and if you are not registered you’ll be listed as a DPK.

What is DPT? What is DPK?

DPT is Daftar Pemilih Tepat, DPK is Daftar Pemilih Khusus.

And if you are not registered, I think it’s better if you have a A-5 Letter that you got from your hometown. Hence you can vote directly when you got into the voting area. So my Indonesian friend didn’t know about the location to vote!  the announcement was actually released last year. NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE VOTING WILL BE HELD ON THE CONSULATE OF INDONESIA. CHECK THE DATE HERE!!!! SO TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR PEOPLE THAT LIVE OVERSEAS TO VOTEEE 


Don’t be golput! ONCE AGAIN WE ARE ALL INDONESIAN WE NEED TO VOTE! YOU MUST USE YOUR VOTE, CHOOSE YOUR CHOICE OF THE PRESIDENT, and THE VICE PRESIDENT. Please be respectful towards the choice, and have a  blessed ELECTION DAY on 17 April 2019 

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