Okies the track for Boy with Luv is here, the song featured the talented Halsey. So to be fair I don’t think I’m excited with the song. But they proofed me WRONG!! Rumour has it that they collaborated with Ed Sheeran for their song called Make it Right. It is described by Billboard that this will be part of where the member is more mature, and understanding about love.

Well congratulations on being part of the biggest KPOP wave just yet, but the recent trends that I realised through their album, both as a group or solo they are aiming with big US-based producers. For example names like Ali Tamposi, Honne, and now with Halsey, Ed Sheeran. Hence I conclude that they are aiming for the big US market, however, I just think that the work being more slightly repetitive.

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Anyways, I just think that the team still performed really well. With their dance, singing skills, it’s just amazing. Although I still expecting that Halsey has a part in this song. I WANT TO SAY, it’s amazing seeing Asian artist making it in the Western-based industry, but I just think they should be step up more into their own work. I am definitely excited about their performance on SNL. But despite they produced a new song, and keep building new records. I can’t wait for another exactly new chapter for the song. Indeed their topics of Love Yourself, Persona is a good marketing plan, but even Green Business is not really 100% doing a “green business” get it?

Jamais Vu –

This is one of my favourite track other than the main track. It’s a sub-unit group by Jungkook, and Seokjin. It’s about positive change within yourself. and the surroundings. The beat is good, and I think they really did a great job for the job.

I guess I gotta deal with this, deal with this
Real world

Make It Right – 

As expected Ed Sheeran really slayed at all the times. The song itself, instrumentally it’s amazing. It’s a slow beat song, I could make it better I could hold you tighter lyrics like this I think will make the fangirls even getting more crazy. Anyways this song is amazing.

So I think I really appreciate the themes of them getting aware of the mental health, through Love Yourself, and now Persona. But at the same time, it’s a bit repetitive, it’s like seeing Logic making similar songs about the same thing, like being about mix-raced, you can check on reddit, but I STILL LOVE LOGIC, so I STILL LOVE BTS. But the thing is I just think that there are more relevant song about mental health.

Again it’s like not all Green Business doing a Green Business get it?



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