Aya Anjani | 2019

Aya Anjani

Getting to know Aya Anjani

Aya Anjani
Aya Anjani

Japanese culture influence is undeniably huge in Indonesia. And Aya Anjani is the love child of everything good in Indonesian and Japanese pop. Every one of her songs sounds straight out from an anime opening or ending song.

Grammatically correct lyrics that are honest at the same time is always present in her songs, it gives a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of classic city pop hits, translated Manga script and Anime dubbings.

With a fluid style, her voice and impression changes within every release. There are so many to explore, you can find mostly pop-rock in The 1st EP, closed with a slower and calmer tone in Sudah. Then a mix of neo-city-pop and rock (even almost punk) in Roman Romansa/Kucingku, showing a contrast side of her.

Always get ready to be taken back in time, not to 30 years ago (we probably haven’t even been born) but to 10 years ago to our childhood listening to our parent’s music. Like, seriously… When was the last time you heard the word ‘Mahligai’?

With the rise of 80’s revival, Aya Anjani’s tribute of Juwita (Originally from Chrisye’s Album: Sabda Alam, released on 1979) came at a perfect time. For #1tahunYockie, she breathe new life to the track, accompanied by sweet backing vocals and synth, keeping the legacy alive. It’s a guarantee your shoulder will dance.

For the time being, we should wait patiently for more releases (or I should say, we CAN’T wait). We need more Aya Anjani, we need more professionally produced songs about Cats.

Her song mutual out now here.

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