+NLE Choppa+

+NLE Choppa+

+NLE Choppa+
+NLE Choppa+

Hi guys welcome back to our new post for hip hop music. I got news from Geniuswhere a newcomer of 16-year-old already making a scene. He is none other than NLE Choppa. According to the report by Eddie Fu, the teenager got 3 viral songs under his belt; Shotta Flow, Shotta Flow 2, and Capo.

We all see that he is probably the upcoming artists for the charts, but he is so young. It reminds me of Soulja Boy, who his first debut for Crank That received huge success, and he was 17 at that time, it even got a Grammy Nomination. I mean I could tell that NLE Choppa is a talented young person, and I think he is able to show that he is having fun making music. It’s important that everyone is having their own passion for this music industry.

Not only Genius, but XXL also regard him as the next big one. Choppa listening to Lil Wayne, he often compares to artists like BlocBoy JB, but he later revealed that they came from the same area (Memphis), hence the way they dance might be similar. But I think NLE Choppa really embraces his youthful life, the way he got his crew together on his music videos. So I’m very excited to see what NLE Choppa will bring in the future, like his EP, or his album in the future! 🙂

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