Next up we have Amine, I’m sorry guys because my mum is coming, and I think it’s the best time for me to have a little time with her at the moment. So I can’t really update in the middle of the night too. So my friend is a huge fan of Aminé, but actually, I saw him already (on the internet) without knowing him.

I told her go pray to your god (I need to go to church)

I think Amine is one of the artists that having this young, and vibrant vibes, and I think his personality is the best. And yes he is appearing on PAQ series which I think is one of the best shows on YouTube, and you can see the episode here. Although Amine’s style is very vibrant yet he is still able to capture the elegant, of his own.

I mean Spice Girl got to be my favourite video of Aminé, the aesthetic is just super cool, and having the member of Spice Girls! OMG..definitely I’ll give him an extra point for that. According to Genius, Spice Girls is actually Aminé’s favourite girl group. And it was actually his first ever concert too. But the song itself contains some of his stories from his life, like a girl that only eats bananas because she is allergic to everything (yup, everything). Since it’s his debut album, there was a part of the album that he talks, about people who have fake identities. I mean it happens when some of their friends have actually become famous in the future.

A few days ago, Injury Reserve released a song with Aminé for the song Jailbreak the Tesla, please check it out. Injury Reserve is a group that’s coming from Arizona. In the past they have collaborated with Aminé to, for his song called Campfire.

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