Being Human In Public 2018

Being Human In Public by Jessie Reyez

Being Human In Public
Being Human In Public

Jessie Reyez released her new music video for Saint Nobody. Saint Nobody, is a single from her album called Being Human In Public. The art cover featured a young girl being bullied over in the public space. This is sad, but it’s true. The EP was actually released back in 2018, and 2018 has been amazing fro Jessie, for being featured on Eminem’s Kamikaze.

To me being a human in public, means being honest with our own self, which brought this in a spectacular level. The album talks about slut-shaming, and it’s a very important point as a female artist. I think on this album you can see a lot of sides of Jessie’s voice range, and in some of the songs actually showcasing Jessie’s rap skills. The album is talking about making bad decisions on falling in love, which I think it’s very relatable to everyone that surrounds it, including us.

I love Jessie’s voice, she got a unique voice, and despite this is her second EP, and not an album yet, I’m very excited to see her coming with an album. I think Jessi also picked the right featured artists like JRM, Normani, and Kehlani. The track with JRM is actually very helpless-romantic, and JRM’s voice is actually complemented Jessie’s voice. The R&B track with focusing on the lyrics “I’d OD if you get too much of me Od if you get too much of me” which I think give the highlight for the song, which implies couple not getting enough of each other. Her track with Kehlani and Normani implies the all-girls power, which I think give the EP another point for having a girl power. Yet although it featured all powerful singers, they are still able to show their own characters which is important in collaborating a song.


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