+dominic fike, don’t forget about me, demos 2018+

+dominic fike, don’t forget about me, demos 2018+

Hi guys, I just back with another EP reviews of Dominic Fike from Brockhampton. Technically the EP was released about months ago, but his music videos just came out 4 April 2019. I am not too sure with this one, it’s a bit from Joji to Shawn Mendes. However, I have to say that this EP is a unique piece of arts. I could understand that he tries meshing a few genres, within hip hop, and other genres like a soft rock to pop.

So it started with Brockhampton releasing a video called This Is Dominic, an introduction for his EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos. And 3 Nights followed by the release of the intro video. I could say it’s an alternative music release, and there are some of my favourites like 3 Nights, as the main single. and She Wants My Money. I could tell that Dominic is very experimental with his music at the moment.

Firstly he sings a lot in some parts, which I think it’s very cool because most of the rappers are not really singing their own parts. He reminds me of Mike Shinoda’s and Linkin Park songs. It’s a mix of slow rock, and few hip hop songs, so I think it’s a good mix. But most importantly his album is more than just a record, it’s his personal relationship with the people around him, and the struggle that he faced. Overall, give the EP a try, and I think if you are BROCKHAMPTON fans, you will love it.

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