free spirit khalid

Free Spirit


free spirit khalid

Khalid just came back with his new album Free Spirit, the album composed of 17 tracks in total. The album was released last 5 April 2019, and it got mixed reviews, but it depends on how people are viewing it. I guess Free Spirit represents Khalid as a young 21-year-old person, same as me. Meaning that Khalid represents himself, as someone who’s free on creating his own music.


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John Mayer appeared and SAFE or Saif Musaad appear on the album. I have to say that Khalid is actually showing his vocal range, and his mixing his own music. What I mean by this, the R&B/Soul music that Khalid pursues is actually had sounds of its own. Sometimes it’s somewhere in between, it unique, its refreshing on its own way. If you are a fan of Dean, or even SIRUP, you will definitely a fan of this album.

By far Khalid released for the visual of this album is through Talk music video. I mean I don’t think it’s necessary to compare YouTube views in the first 24 hrs. But the thing is Khalid co-operate with the whole production of the album, and there’s no streaming project. At the same time the US production and the K Pop production are two different worlds. With K-Pop the expectations are a bit different, fans are part of the artists’ success, while with US productions’ your fans are not really “ambitious”, but at the same time they put more pressure.

The expectation is definitely there, considering he also nominated for the Grammys, for Best Collaboration alongside Logic, and Alessia Cara. But I think the album is very personal for Khalid, as a 21-year-old person. With the song called Twenty One, and Talk is a song that discussed love. Things that are most teenagers, or young adolescence experience. I’m not really mad with having this album, and I think he really puts an effort towards it, he made to no 1 on iTunes!

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