1the9 debut



So the song from 1the9 for their debut is out. The song title is called DOMINO, the song was produced by CRUSH and Gxxd. CRUSH even part of the song collaboration. Before giving my points to the group song, who is 1the9?

Based on the information that I got, they are a group from the survival show Under Nineteen and signed over MBK Entertainment for a year. There’s a lot of survival shows that giving trainees an opportunity to debut, or re-debuting. We have seen shows like Producer 101, Mixine (although the plan was cancelled), and more.

And from the title Under Nineteen, basically everyone is in their teenage years, and what do I think about it? Well, I think CRUSH did a little bit of challenge here. DEAN is actually not an underground artist, considering he straight up signed with Universal Music. But DEAN is making songs for both idols, and underground music. We can see how DEAN music spectrum is really wide, I think CRUSH want to widen his spectrum in the music industry.

It’s obviously a challenge because survival shows in South Korea are getting popular. They have several groups in the past that have been popular through survival shows, and through a non-permanent contract within the company. So they need to be different because I think everyone in KPOP are actually doing similar things.

So having CRUSH as a producer is actually giving them a little bit plus point, why? Simply because CRUSH is known to be very creative, and he worked with idols, and underground artists in the past. But that’s not enough, the public opinions are very important too, and the dates of the debut, or comeback also help the artist’s success in no 1 spot.

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