LDH +Love + Dream + Happiness+

LDH +Love + Dream + Happiness+

LDH +Love + Dream + Happiness+

Established in 2003, LDH company actually housing the best Japanese artists in Japan. The company was founded by Hiroyuki Igarashi, the original member of EXILE TRIBE. Japan has a unique system regarding their music groups, it’s like someone is able to “graduate” after a certain time in the industry, or group.

If you asked me LDH is similar to YG, or JYP in South Korea. LDH have this partnership with Avex group, so the LDH artists are actually releasing their songs through AVEX. I mean at this point I have to say AVEX is the biggest record label in Asia, I mean they are also distributing the songs from the biggest label of South Korea, like YG, and SM.

Like the song that I linked above, they have such a talented artist like Jay’Ed, who mainly brought soulful songs. I call any R&B fans from Taeyang’s to Ne-Yo’s fans to check out Jay’Ed. LDH also the house for the group like Doberman Infinity, and M-Flo.


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Their main group, EXILE is really huge, they have a lot of branch within the group which I think is really interesting. Recently BALLISTIK BOYZ also came up with a new music video before their official debut. Also, the boy group called Fantastics who made the song called Flying Fish. They are the younger groups apart from the boy groups like J Soul Brothers. But I like the younger generations, they are fresher, and more up to date with the recent music taste for the international fans. BTW I LOVE EXILE, they are just amazing..

FANTASTICS and BALLISTIK BOYZ have different musical style, it’s like comparing iKON to WINNER. But both are amazing, it’s just how you want to have your music preference. BALLISTIK BOYZ has more outgoing feature, from their powerful dance and rap, while FANTASTICS has the charm with their vocalisation. So let me know what do you think about LDH company. I have reviewed some entertainment companies..am I?

J SOUL BROTHERS new music!

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    Nice article, fam


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