+how YG entertainment shape the k-pop world+

+how YG entertainment shape the k-pop world+

+how YG entertainment shape the k-pop world+
+how YG entertainment shape the k-pop world+

Hi guys, welcome to the kpop content again. Although the recent BLACKPINK comeback is not like what I expected to be, but YG is still part of the shape of the kpop that everyone listening to today.


Clearly YG is regarded as the most carefree agency in South Korea entertainment world. You can see how the previous, and older artists in YG Entertainment pre-Hallyu wave! here. They have their own colour, while everyone trying the cute, and sexy concepts, YG is different through making the colour of their groups being darker, but sophisticated. Even girls groups like 2NE1, and BLACKPINK are different.

Boy groups

Although WINNER slightly en route in a different colour, by being more cheerful, but they still have their own colour. You can see on the MV for Millions, Song Minho showcased some of his artworks. BIGBANG, and iKon also having their own colour, despite their style is definitely sticking to a hip hop concept songs. They are going to debuting a new boy group soon called the TREASURE 13 in May, which MINO participated in writing the song Going Crazy.

Solo Artists 

And again their solo artists are never disappointed the fans. With the recent generations, Jennie and Mino are actually showing the fans that no one should worry about the future solo artists of YG Entertainment. Jennie who successfully brought 3 wins on music shows, and Mino with 6 wins on music shows, and he produced everything without the main board producer Teddy, showing his skills on producing music. I even like AKMU for having this folk music, and rap song, brilliant.



YG Entertainment is known to delay their artist’s comeback, and they rarely make a comeback. Lee HI is scheduled to make a comeback in 2019, after 2 years delay. Sometimes it could take over a year to make a comeback for a single song. And this actually longer than a US artist making a new song. Actually, SM has a project called SM Station where their artist releases a new song every Friday. While actually, JYP is relatively giving more comebacks to their artists.

However this actually slightly change in 2017, WINNER was able to comebacks 2 times, having 4 MVs. The group iKon having several comebacks as well in 2018, however, there are artists that are not having a proper comeback. For example like ONE, since he debuts with YG in 2017, he has 2 songs and 2 MVs, and hopefully, we can see more of him in 2019.

YG has been criticised for being giving an unfair promotion, during Taeyang’s album, Bobby’s album. And actually, the fans should understand that in the US market the label is not promoting any of the artists. So, in this case, you can’t really blame him.But I have to say every YG songs are well made. 

How does it change the industry?

Well, you can see more kpop groups come out with hip hop based songs. These kpop groups are not afraid to try their own style. The industry was being called for not being authentic enough, but G-Dragon also wrote his own lyrics and produced his own songs. You can see that in YG Entertainment most of their boy groups are given the opportunities to write their own songs.

YG image is classified to be a rebel, you can see that the artists are being more carefree, from G-Dragon’s art exhibition to Mino’s collaboration with Gentle Monster. We are talking about Tattoo that being taboo in Asian countries too, you can see the documentary here. But you can name a lot of YG Artists are owning a tattoo, and it’s about breaking the boundaries.

NO PLASTIC SURGERY! I think it’s important for everyone being comfortable with their own selves. The no plastic surgery rules that applied to this agency actually giving everyone to be comfortable with their own selves. Although some fans might be angry because a lot of bashing happened to 2NE1, I think 2NE1 is the most beautiful, and inspiring girl group ever!

hope this helps! so I think music wise, YG is definitely my favourite! 



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