+ballistik boyz debut in may 2019+

+ballistik boyz debut in may 2019+

+ballistik boyz debut in may 2019+
+ballistik boyz debut in may 2019+

Couple days ago Ballistik Boyz from the EXILE TRIBE actually released their debut MV, although it’s not their official debut. Ballistik Boyz will be making their debut in May 2019 according to Arama Japan. They have made on the news back in 2018 for being accused to copy BTS, the Korean boy group.

Overall I have to give a lot of credits for LDH Entertainment, for being sticking with their EXILE TRIBE family. And secondly, since they are not coming from a large fan-based, it will give them more space to be more creative with their own music. I mean, BLACKPINK recent comeback wasn’t good as expected, but some international fans are obviously biased on streaming the music video. Shout out to DKDTV, for being honest with their opinion. BALLISTIK BOYZ, is composed of powerful rappers, and dancers, their vocals is not bad either. They have such a 90s vibes on their debut MV, but I can’t wait for the whole new album on May.


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I think with BALLISTIK BOYZ they have realised that the music industry slightly changes from the 2000s J-Pop era. BALLISTIK Boyz is more energetic, and they are able to catch out the eyes of the international fans. It’s a bit hard to compare between K-Pop, and J-Pop, because honestly speaking J-Pop break the international market before K-Pop is huge. For example like the Teriyaki Boyz, they signed with Interscope before BLACKPINK does it, and Teriyaki Boyz have been making music with Kanye West, and Pharell Williams in the era before social media is huge.

But I have no idea what do you guys think about the new boy group, I love YG, but it seems that they try too hard at the moment. I understand that the market demand, but they are doing some repetitive music sometimes. So I hope that BALLISTIK BOYZ will able to brought back the J-Pop golden era to the international market.

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