+Tamer Nafar+

Tamer Nafar

+from the holy land, Tamer Nafar+
+from the holy land, Tamer Nafar+

When I heard about the “Holy Land” I always thought religious people are around, I never thought a collective, intelligent, creative people are going to be around. It’s going to be tricky with this post, and I just want to be neutral for everyone.

I ran through documentation by Noisey, there is a man called Tamer Nafar, that was interviewed by Noisey. And I think he is such a mesmerising artist. Tamer himself is a Palestinian artist was born in Lod. According to the documentary Lod was one of the “dirtiest” city, with people selling drugs, and gangs happened everywhere. From this documentary one thing that I could pick, everyone is human, drugs, gangs, are things, that’s happened everywhere. At first, Tamar wrote his lyrics in English, by listening to Tupac when he was younger, then he wrote in his own language. In fact, it’s not about hate but about MUSIC. Being genuine from where you are from, and yes he did.

What I like about him is that he uses his platform to tell stories, he stated that he does not agree with the CNN interview, where the reporter said his group use music platform instead of violent protests. He said he got a choice to do so, making music, where in other places musicians are not able to go to the studios, because of the violence in the city.

Tamer and his group called DAM, also wrote about Women’s Right, the group wrote a song titled #Who_You_R directed by the Oscar-nominated director Scandar Copti. The music is a response on to the rape of a 16-year-old Texan teenager Jada, whom the event was recorded shared, and mocked on social media in 2014. I see hip hop music, as a form that people can share their feelings, thoughts, at the same time it can unite people, and I hope they will do more amazing things in the future.

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