+ben blackwell+ noisey 2015

ben blackwell,

ben blackwell
ben blackwell by Michael Topiol from TimeOut

Here we are going to see that there are other different picture in the Holy Land, it’s not about religious people, and it’s about the music. We are going to see the African community over there, that featuring artists that express themselves in the land of milk and honey. It surprised me that hip hop music is actually there as a community.

The fact is Noisey really capture it in a different point of view, without having a conversation about its politics, but MUSIC. This time around he talked to Ben Blackwell, who is part of the African community, he was born and raised in Israel, his music is about his life as an outsider, and his plans to have a peaceful society, according to a source. His grandfather is actually part of the original music group called The Soul Messengers.

On another interview with TimeOut in 2014, he revealed that one of his dreams is to have more emotional music and to connect to other people. His music Along in My Car, was also inspired by Drake, and it’s a song that he made right after he got his driving licence.

The song from him called Alone in My Car is actually my favourite, firstly it’s a song that you most likely listening to on the radio station, based on the feelings, and the beats. Second, Ben really knows how to pull the swag that he got.

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