THE BLACK LABEL talented Producers

2 BLACK LABEL producers who are Talented also artists


BLACKPINK just make the announcement of making a  comeback with KILL THIS LOVE EP, which will be released on April 5 0AM. The fans don’t have to wait until 6 PM Korea Times. With this long-awaited comeback, which they will proceed the promotions in the US market, they released the tracks that exciting the fans.

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Rumour has it that the girl group will have a stronger comeback compare to DU DDU DU DDU back in 2018. KILL THIS LOVE was described a powerful song, with drop base, and the rap skills of the two main rappers Jennie, and Lisa. But one of the exciting is their producers, once again TEDDY acted their main producer since their debut, which gave them a lot of advantage!

Familiar names like Masta Wu also appeared on the producer name, and it’s interesting because BLACK PINK will have more hip hop vibes comeback. Following Masta Wu, there is also Seo Won Jin who participated in writing songs for BIGBANG, and Zion. T. More than that they have 2 main producers who actually artists as a singer and rapper. THE BLACK LABEL has Joe Rhee, who wrote Just Dance, for the show Mixnine, and Danny Chung aka Dicipher.

Joe Rhee

Danny Chung

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