+BTS Comeback+

It seems that BTS going to make another spectacular comeback soon, the PERSONA comeback trailer by RM just released today, and I have to say that every BTS’s comeback they will always this trailer, but it’s a music video trailer, which I will give them a rate of 10/10, considering how they are dedicated to the fans. PERSONA means you have a different character of yourself, BTS has made a series of albums with a hidden message on each, similar to the Love Yourself Trilogy, Map of the Soul will be the same, it’s still surrounding the importance of mental health, I guess it is very important for them to keep their idol image because of their philanthropic activities with the United Nations right?

As you may know, a lot of k pop fans are still teenagers, in a way they have a lot of puberty things that causing mood swings, and eventually this actually could lead up to depression. I guess Map of the Soul is about getting to know yourself, trust me it’s hard I just decided, and know what I really want at my third-year studies, I guess on the music videos you can see RM saying “someone like me ain’t good enough for…” I think the comparison making us feeling more uncomfortable with ourselves, where it’s important to know and love yourself. I guess this comeback will do make another hit as well, also I think Jimin’s trailer for Love Yourself Serendipity was one of my favourites, considering the style of the song, and the visuals of the music itself that helps the fans to understand a bit about the message.

What do I think about BIG HIT? I think they really study the CSR of a company, and the effect to the society, I have to say that BTS know their position as an idol, there must be a “stan” that will put their “idol” come first, hence they really having a good implications of making the fans love for themselves and getting to know about themselves. I feel like this company is taking the hip hop vibes of YG Entertainment, but their timing for every comeback seems pretty good, they don’t have to wait a long time, but at the same time it’s not really on a rush, so the fans just have the right time to wait, SM artists seem to make a quick comeback every time right? but yeah every kpop agency has their own strenght

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