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Here is the HARD TRUTH in Music Industry


Today we are going to discuss the abusive scandals in the music industry. It’s not really into k pop related, but if you want to be more understanding about the Burning Sun issues, you can check out Korean Roemit, hopefully, he will add subtitle soon. In fact, it’s the hard truth of the entertainment industry,  the hard truth in the music industry. Did you guys remember the time when Chris Brown and Rihanna saga? Or when the news of R. Kelly drama hit up in late 2018?

In fact, Chris and Rihanna have a few collaboration after that, but going back to the hard truth in the music industry is hard. The popularity, the stan, actually giving the artists more pressure in life, in fact, to be fair they are also a human being, so I have no reason for me to see the “celebrity worship syndrome” as a thing. Many of this lead to depression, in 2007 Eminem was hospitalised due to methadone overdose, he spoke about it and having the album Recovery 2011. Amy Winehouse died to alcohol poisoning in 2011, and her career was at her peak at that time, making her as part of club 27. In fact drug like Lean has become part of the music industry, and it’s one of the most coveted ones, please look at the documentary, and I hope it useful!

But the Burning Sun is relatively huge in Asia because, to be honest, it’s also the first time hearing about that kind of issue from the Asian music industry. Indonesia has been the centred of the “stan” because supporting Seungri as the investigation are still carry on. In fact, I understand that a “stan” point of view is having another world, and it’s actually very far away from reality!! (FARRR).

The news even covered in VICE Indonesia, I think I have watched snippets from K Drama, and I understand why! I watched a drama, where the female character stated she wanted to stay at the house of the male character, because “she’s ready”, and yup at the end of the story they ended up together having a happily ever after. IT’s totally different from real life, 

  1. GIRLS don’t be a Cinderella that waiting for a prince to save you, because 99% of it it’s a lie and it’s okay to say NO if you feel like so.
  2. YOU’RE the first person ever that able to respect your own “body”, yourself before anyone else!
  3. Your idol is HUMAN as you and me, they do the same thing like you and me every day..IT’s JUST THEIR JOBS that we have in different 🙂



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