+BIG 3+

Well there is a new Big 3 leaders in kpop industry before we all know SM JYP YG as the Big 3 right? Big Hit just entered the Big 3 this year, the success of the group BTS is bringing the advantage of their revenue gain (business student). This was reported at 18 March 2019, as you may know BTS making it big in the US, and having a speech in the United Nation, performing at Billboard Awards, and gaining so much love from the fans. Recently their new boy group TXT also gaining so much love, the BTS effect is really proven with TXT being the most watched debut for boy group. From chosun

The new BIG 3 as follows; SM YG and Big Hit, YG Entertainment have a good run in 2018 with more comebacks, unlike the previous year, 2 of their boy groups are having the world tour, and BLACKPINK gained so much love internationally, and recently they signed with Universal Music in the US, preparing for their America domination, their solo artists including MINO, and Jennie also gained so much love through their works in 2018 as well, the success of iKon’s Love Scenario. SM relatively having more comeback compare to YG, SM have SM Station that releasing new music every Friday, gaining the anticipation through the kpop lovers.

REVENUE in 2018

1. SM Entertainment – $532 Million (605 bn won)

2. YG Entertainment – $248 Million (284 bn won)

3. Big Hit Entertainment – $196 Million ( 224 bn won)

4. JYP Entertainment – $109 Million (125 bn won)

However, the long run doesn’t end here, JYP’s new girl group ITZY is gaining the a lot of love, with their debut music video being dubbed as the most watch kpop debut, with more than 10 million views in the first 24 hrs. Honestly, their debut video is super amazing, girl crush, they have different vibes from TWICE that relatively perfect for the Asian market that tend to look for more a cutesy looks, ITZY, on the other hand, giving the image of being a bad girl, badass, having more powerful rap, have a sense of girl-crush feelings.

On the other hand YG Entertainment definitely having a little set back, but as what people said no matter how people hate YG, their sales are always remarkable, with their subsidiary YGX’s success, and Somi also joining THE BLACKLABEL and she will debut within this year, their trainees also joined the PRODUCER X 101, that’s definitely gaining more expectation, public interest, some investors if both trainees are successful (I’m pretty sure they will). YG Entertainment will be debuting the TREASURE 13; MAGNUM and TREASURE. Both group receiving so much love and attention, especially some members coming from Japan, they expected to get high demand from Japan, and the CD sales in Japan will definitely giving YG a lot of advantage. Song Minho also participated in writing Going Crazy, like B.I participated for Whistle, hence I could say that YG Entertainment has a promising in house producers.

Also with BLACKPINK going to America soon, and having their tour over Europe, and America it will definitely be giving YG huge advantage, also the company stated that their artists will make a several comebacks, with BLACKPINK’s mini album in April 5 with KILL THIS LOVE, soon followed by Rosé’s solo, and WINNER will make a comeback, Song Minho who relatively success with his debut album XX will make a comeback, with B.I, and Bobby, and MINO with YOON respectively also planning to have a duo, seems no one will bring YG down anytime soon, with the stock of YG arising with the announcement of BLACKPINK’s comeback, it will be soon that YG is recovering from their damage…LET’S DO YOUR BEST GUYS


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