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Brave Brothers

Brave Brothers once again receiving so much love after the released of Park Bom’s comeback mini EP Spring. Many fans said that the comeback reminds everyone with YG Entertainment’s vibes, like my Global Trade classmate (she’s a fan of kpop) said that it sounds similar to YG vibes. Brave Brothers was working in YG Entertainment for sometimes. The producer that born 강동철, Kang Dong-chul known as his stage name Brave Brothers, he was behind the curtain for a song BIGBANG’s Last Farewell, SUNMI’s Full Moon.

Based on my research he also produced my other favourite artist like Thelma Aoyama’s Fallen Angel, that song is really good. Anyways in the past he produced for Masta Wu’s song called GUM featuring Teddy Park, Lexy, Se7en, Taeyang, and YMGA’s Real Talk.Just the YG Family in general, if you listen to these songs actually you can listen on how a lot of the hip hop influence their company, and ultimately the industry.

I think you can see why there is some familiarity over there but overall it’s a good production, and the songs are just a success for Park Bom as well, for dominating the Billboard as well.


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“Park Bom’s skills are still just as amazing and many people won’t be disappointed,” he continued.  I tried to express a special vocal tone rather than a colorful and intense feeling.  It’s not a re-expression of her previous image, but rather a completely different concept, but still has YG vibe. We are preparing until the end.” – Brave Brothers on Naver Interview

I think Brave Brothers also working with YG (an American rapper), and yes I can confirm that is real for the song called Cash Money. Although Brave Brothers appeared on Mixnine, but arguably his production skills are really good, I have to say it’s amazing! He also has his own music videos too, because he is one of the most sought after Korean rappers.

Brave Brothers MV

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