skepta’s vicious ep review 2017

skepta’s vicious ep review 2017

skepta's vicious ep review 2017

Alright, Skepta is one of the rappers from the UK, basically when you got to hear UK and US raps, there’s a little bit different, (it’s not about the accent!), maybe you might heard other artists like DAVE, Not3s from my blog! so please check it out later. Definitely, although people might think “aren’t they also Black culture oriented?” You might think so, but it’s totally different.

Brief History! 🙂 

Firstly hip hop influence came to the UK in the 1980s. But in the UK the community mixing it up with music like dance hall, garage (original music from the UK). So why it’s different, it’s because there are also Jamaican community. So there is some reggae influence on their music and the impact of the financial community is totally different from the US. Also because there is another ethnicity in the UK, like Asian, Pakistan this due to the post-war migration, and they were given citizenship due to the British Commonwealth. So some of the situations were localised to fit the multicultural scene in the UK. (yup I do read the chapter)


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Hesmondhalgh, DJ and Melville, C (2002) Urban Breakbeat Culture – Repercussions of Hip-Hop in the United Kingdom. In: Global Noise: Rap and Hip Hop Outside the USA. Wesleyan University Press.

So here we go having the Vicious EP that was released in 2017, you can find some artists like A$AP Rocky, so you might love him! anyways in terms of the beats, you can listen that grime is actually faster than a US rapping scene, but I guess this EP is really good, and he is one of the best rappers from the UK scene.

Obviously, EP is much smaller version of an album. So I’m going to say that Still, No Security and Ghost Ride is my favourite from this EP. On the opening line of No Security, you can hear Malcolm X speaking about his security, and he said not to worry about it, and a few days later he died, being killed. So on this song is actually Skepta saying he is not afraid to die, because at the end of the day his art piece will be remain, and he would take care of his own security (?), sometimes when you listen to a song you would not notice until you sit down and really look upon the lyrics.

And last but not least the song with A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Nast. Visually speaking, Skepta has such amazing music videos. On this song, Skepta talks about how he took music seriously, because some people are just too focused on their fashion style, and part of the hype I see you follow fashion, tryna get down with the hype Like Freddy Kreuger, man I get down with the stripes . And I think it’s a song that A$APs also saying that they are part of the game-changing industry, and they have a different art form from other rappers.


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