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odd future
odd future

Well you might think why I post so many hip hop scenes on my blog, and some of you might even think why would I posted a lot of hip hop all around the world, while it was originally mainly Black culture oriented music? Simply because, I am fascinated on their culture (Black Culture). Some of hip hop songs are actually having a deeper meaning, like 2Pac’s Changes, or maybe Nas’s Black President. Thirdly some of their songs are very creative. It became so popular until, you realised that it’s more than just a Black Culture anymore. But as I put on before, we need to understand the background of the artists, the originality of the artists, and the intention of the artists. SOO HERE WE COME, ODD FUTURE.

Founded by Tyler the Creator in 2007, who we all know for his unique antics, if you ever remember my post about BROCKHAMPTON I think they are similar in terms of having a certain squad that sharing creativities. Besides that this group actually thought me something, to let myself be creative despite some people might label us as weird people. And I definitely loving Tyler the Creator, and I hope I could be like him (one day). So Odd Future is more like the A$AP group as well, you can find people in charge of the art direction, music producer, photography and more. I feel like having people that got the same page as you will definitely helps a lot!


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Their collaborations with Frank Ocean is really amazing, some their songs are not 100% hip hop songs, but it’s more like a genre-less, you can find a bit of R&B vibes (alternative hip hop). You can find in this song, Find Your Wings, some influence of jazz, R&B music with a little bit of Gospel hymn snipets! check it out and let me know what do you guys think about Odd Future.

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