Korea Hip Hop Rise |4 Hip Hop show in 2019 !!

Korea Hip hop !!! Just 10 years ago, we can only name few rapper and now there’s more than 1000 known rapper (And still many to discover!) that pursue their dreams & can make a living out of music.

Korea Hip Hop Rise

Korea Hip hop Rise again !! When I start make Dkhhrnb account, I didn’t expect there’s gonna be many people that take interest to Korea Hip Hop Scene. Dkhhrnb is still small but Korea Hiphop scene is getting bigger day by day. Especially when there’s 2 more hip hop survival show that gonna air in this summer !!

90’s & 2000’s

A long time ago (90’s & 2000’s, Korean hip hop is basically korea music. Seo Taiji & Boys, Deux, Garion, Jinusean, Drunken Tiger, MC Sniper, 1tym, Honey Family, Leessang, YDG  just to name a few. Hip-hop rapper always performs on Music show like Music core, Show Champion & So on.

Late 2000’s – 2010’s

Mow many rapper did you know from the track ?? ‘Better than Yesterday’ is one of the most popular track of the late 2000’s yet not many of them is still on KHH Scene. This is the reality of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s KHH Scene. There’s so many talented rapper yet there’s no platform to promote their talent.


Jump again to present (2019). Korea Hip hop once again rise on Korea Music scene. Gaining tons of mainstream popularity & attention from the public. It’s not a coincidence because it was built over the years with hard work from the artist & also partly thanks to New Hip Hop Survival Program that give the spotlight for the unknown talented artist.

There’s 4 hiphop show (so far) on 2019 (It’s just march!!)

Korea Hip Hop rise is thanks to hard work of the artist that make great music & have great personality. We hope dkhhrnb can also be a platform to showcase all of them !!

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