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Hii guys welcome to the weirdest music blog ever, and the busiest music blog ever (probably). Today we are going to visit SPACE POWER MUSIC from Japan, I mean they are the house for KID FRESINO, one of the youngest, and talented rappers from Japan, furthermore they are the house for artists like JJJ, STUTS, DJ SOULJAH and SIRUP. Hopefully I didn’t not post the same thing for this topic, probably they are new! so don’t worry. Name like Dabo, and Uzi also considered as the first hip hop generation in Japan. If you listen to Dabo’s beat there are some influence of Japanese music, and both artists also sound so amazing!!!

I know that some of you might be more familiar with Korean Hip Hop, but Japanese Hip Hop are actually equally as good as Korean Hip Hop. Most people thought that they are offering the anime-like music, but it’s not. Hip Hop came to Japan in the 1980s, and not only that actually brands like PLAY, and BATHING APE also originated from Japan. Obviously, the music changes the way Japanese people think about the entertainment industry, hip hop is bolder than their own culture, so it was considered as both being bad, and cool at the same time. (Cordy 2007)

But anyways you can check that through their fashion you can see the influence of hip hop from America, baggy pants, sneakers, but as the time goes by they have their own style, instead of having similar rhyme, they have their own style as I mentioned before STUTS, KID FRESINO, and SIRUP are having their own style on pursuing the music that predominantly Black culture. SIRUP , on the other hand, is having a laid back song of style. It has a chill R&B vibes, I have to say to those who are DEAN’s fans check him out! Totally he will not disappoint you, STUTS also different from any Japanese artists, he is one of the people who are open through collaboration, and one of them is with Phum Viphurithe also collaborated with 88rising artists in the past. Hopefully, we can see these guys on 88rising very soon! anyways I can confirm that you haven’t seen none of these videos on this blog! 

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