Hii I found some of this gospel songs that I thought pretty universal for everyone to listen to. Today I just want to clear my ears from swearing (as if), and today’s songs are not about making love with girls, or feeling un-love. Today we have Claude Deus, who is an R&B singers from US, just for your informations these songs are a decade old, but I’m very sure they are still in today. Based on what I found on social media, he is now the Co Pastor in New Life West. I know that young people are nowadays not really listening to gospel songs, and I know that there is a debate if the new version of gospel songs still have the essence of the gospel. But again it’s also depending of the roots of the singers, because over the years the hymn is changing, with the spreading of gospel all over the world. For example the British Black Gospel, where it corporate certain UK street music, and I think I starting getting the ideas on why the whole genre is changing at the moment.

Also this genre was eventually targeting the African-American community at America, through radio, it’s starting in the 1970s, and established during 1980s when hip hop starting to be a thing. Going back to the essence of the music, It Ain’t Over is not a song that fully made with a upbeat beats, instead its a melancholy lyrics, saying that although the haters might be hating on use, but God is the one that pull our back on, and just because you made a mistake in your life doesn’t mean that God will leave you all alone, it makes sense because a lot of young people are feeling left out, in fact during the cell group meetings, or Sunday services they are not feeling welcomed by the community.

I do understand on the reason on elderly don’t want to come for the newer generations of churches, because of their music, but TEENAGERS listen to me, maybe you can make your own choice, like considering Sunday is a family day, go out with your family to the church they are want to go, and you can listen to your choice of gospel songs later! 🙂 Holyghost Gyrl is one of the example of a song that using a slang word, like gyrl that is considered as a talented lady, see this is the example of someone being cool without cursing (it’s hard to to cursing guys, even it is just for a day!). Anyways it is really your personal relationship with God, and I just suggest you guys the songs! 🙂 ❤

I’m very sure that everyone have their own way to praise God, and I think You is one of the coolest praising songs I have ever listen to. On this song, Claude saying give thanks that without God he is nothing, and only with Him he trust in. And I hope you guys are going to listening to this song, and let me know what do you think 🙂

Deuteronomy 31:8 It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.

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