+does company affecting artists (solo) in kpop?+

Alright guys, I just thought Park Bom is doing very well with her new company D-Nation, and her songs are really doing well too. Her songs Spring debuted at 2, My Lover and Shameful debuted at 5, and 4 respectively, and all of her songs are produced by Brave Brothers who previously also worked with YG Entertainment. (so at this point I thought everyone in YG is hella talented..) So D-Nation is a newly established agency, also I would like to talk about Sunmi. Sunmi signed from JYP Entertainment to MakeUs Entertainment, but her works like Gashina, Heroine, Siren, and the recent one Noir have been successful. SO IT’S REALLY MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS…and also because some of the artists should get a better attention.

I mean I have to praised Park Bom for a little bit because she just having a long hiatus, but the fans are still supporting her, her songs are charting all over competing against the idols that have been active in the past years. Anyways, Sunmi is still signed to a relatively new agency compare to JYP but she managed to work with Teddy, who works in YG Entertainments for her singles; Heroine, and Gashina which charted at no3 at World Digital Singles. so does it matter? 

Also, there is Hwasa who is a member of MAMAMOO, that released TWIT, the song charted in no3 at World Digital Singles. I mean TWIT is such a superb song, she really has a strong R&B voice and it’s just super amazing. Maybe it’s affecting your views, of the music video, we have Jennie who is super talented from the group BLACKPINK who got Solo at no 1 in World Digital Sales, but we are not going to talk about big 3 agencies (I love YG Entertainment). But I think the public’s interests also part of the artists’ success as well, we look at 2NE1 as one of the most prominent girl group at that time, signed to a big agency, but what happened when two of them leaving YG Entertainment? It’s really important to choose the next label, the same with SUNMI who actually doing better solo works (in terms of statistic compare to the other members).

So I personally think that public, agency, and the artists themselves played the most important role like Taylor Swift was signed to an indie record label (Big Machine), but her music always excites the fans. Even GUMMY, who left YG at 2013 and signed to C-JEs (still new agency compare to YG) having her song You Are My Everything charted on no 4 in World Digital Singles in 2016. Also Chungha who signed to MNH, have Gotta Go at no6. All of these songs are actually debuted not below that no10! impressive.

So I guess the genre is really important as well but is also how well the management having their artist promoted as well. I mean MINZY is super talented, she took the risk to sign to another agency, Ninano was actually not bad at all, in fact, her album she worked with numerous famous songwriters that worked with Justin Bieber, and BTS. However she didn’t have that many solo activities, so needs to have trial errors, her recent song All of You Say didn’t get that much attention, at this point I have to say it through views, NIKI who signed to 88rising released at the similar time for her song Sugarplum Elegy (no music video), and it reached 1 M views without any promotion. So the public is really important. I don’t think signed to a bigger agency making things easier, because if someone is debuted as a solo artist in an agency that predominantly having a girl group or boy group it will be harder to be known. For examples like Eric Nam, and Dean, or Crush, they all don’t belong to BIG 3 Agencies, but their pieces of music always excite the fans.

Eric Nam’s Can’t Help Myself charted at no 4, while Dean’s Come Over charted at no 8. So, it’s proofing that actually in kpop winnings, the companies, and fandoms is really played in terms of music videos views, which I think totally great, it gives you the opportunities for the medias, but your production teams also highly equal important if the artists don’t belong to Big 3 companies, or maybe BIG HIT as well. Good reviews also open up ways on international media too. 

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