+female soloists from asia that you need to know+

I might have to mention some of them in the past, and some of them might someone that well known already, but I just wanted to show how talented these ladies are, coming different backgrounds, they might have faced something the most difficult life, but they went through it. You might find them through different ethnicity, and backgrounds, but that’s the purpose of this blog! You’ll find these ladies finding a voice of herself, stand up for themselves, and accepting their culture.

RIRI and Karencici just released songs with Junoflo, as you may know, Junoflo is currently one the hottest rappers in South Korea, especially after the show Show Me the Money. I’ve post about RIRI in the past you can check her out from here. I really like the song called Luv Luv here, because she sounded very lovely, and Juno’s rapping skills are the best one. As you may know that I previously really a fan of RIRI’s R&B voice, and I think she really deserved an award for that, as she can make the world as her own, and having it on stage, With a lot of girls groups that having a bigger fandom, I think these artists really need our support as a fan (pure fans, with pure stream!) as Karencici, this is my first time listening to her voice. She is a Taiwanese singer songwriter, her voice is just depicting a pure soul, it’s very clear, I love that R&B songs are perfect for your own time too.

As a girl, your face is not enough you need your brain too! Rina Sawayama was enrolled in the University of Cambridge studiying politics, psychology and sociology when she found the love of music in her life. Growing up, she felt an outsider as she was born in Japan, and grew up in the UK, making her feeling uncomfortable, and left in between, she told i-D that having a lunch difference (Japanese lunch boxes), and her friends are having these lunch sandwiches. You’ll find that her music video is an art form, with the style of an avant-garde.

We have NIKI, and Thelma Aoyama as well, with NIKI she is a strong woman and an example to her fans not to ever give up. She just lost her mum from brain cancer and hoping that she’ll make her mum proud, and definitely, she already made her mum proud. Signing with 88rising, NIKI released numerous amount of singles that very amazing, her unique style of vocalisation added more sensation for her own songs, she also featured in other 88risings’ artists’ songs. We have Thelma Aoyama, who was part of mix culture in Japan too! she mostly released her songs in Japanese, in the past, she has more slow R&B songs, like Fallen Angel, she even collaborated with Taeyang! anyways check her out!

We have YUNA, Park Bom, and Raveena. While the other women might be scared to put on their hijab, she stated

People say, ‘You should let your hair out; you shouldn’t be oppressed — you’re not in Malaysia anymore. You should show your curves and be proud of it.’ But I am proud — it’s my choice to cover up my body. I’m not oppressed — I’m free.” – Yuna on Billboard

I think a lot of people are getting stereotyped, but Yuna just keeping her pace to success with a collaboration with EPIK High. We also have Park Bom who just made such a majestic comeback.

Public constantly judge her through her drama, in fact, she got the right prescription, she vanished almost 5 years from the music industry, as her name Bom which means Spring, she made a comeback near Spring, and her songs are charting all over again. The public may hate her, but she spoke for herself, being brave to talk to the public, about a mental health issue. Then we have Raveena who came up with Temptation, I mean like a lot of artists is actually wearing the Indian’s culture for their aesthetic of their music videos. but RAVEENA is wearing her own culture, for her own arts! isn’t it something amazing?

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