+does religion bothers you?+

Alright, firstly the moment my own family member reading this stuff, I might be kicked out from the family tight, secondly, I’m going to get preached all the rest of my life, but I don’t care. This is for you that feeling outcast from the recent things. So bare with me through this long journey. Firstly I’m a Christian, born and raised, and I’m still Christian just being said. However, I just don’t like when other surroundings try to portray these people who are not Christian being a bad person. Shout out to Trip LeeI need to go to his church, also Kanye West (although we have a hate-love relationship). Also if you want to have a better explanation compare to my answer regarding the love for others, check out Tedashii interview. I like them because they are connected with the younger generations! A lot of religions are actually building up walls, so a lot of young generations following things that are not on the “course details”. Or maybe some people might see us way too “holistic” so young people (in any religion), following the teachings that they don’t know. Anyways these are my thoughts

Long story shorts I am not bashing anyone’s religion, because I do believe any religion teaches goodness, and only bad people making it worse. However I don’t want anyone losing their faith just because recent things are blowing up in the media, you should be proud with your point of view, and choose the right community is really the best part, in fact, religion is actually the base of your life in general, it’s part of your non-formal education, and it will guide you through your life later on. Because we are the millennials, you can look up to the people that make you feel more comfortable, like in my case Trip Lee, Twenty One Pilots (some songs). But don’t worry if ever live in Japan look for this guy Kansho Tagai aka MC HAPPINESS. Anyways according to my dictionary, there is no right or wrong on having your belief, and I totally respect those people with different religion on their marriage. I believe in my belief, and I don’t want to convert at any beliefs, but I don’t like when someone else forcing me either (like my uncle, so my uncle have this belief on not eating seafood, pork, and he follows different date rules, which I totally respect him). Hence I am not going to force anyone to believe in what I believe. But I’m going to put my views when they need it.

1f7f5c0a7a81df3c4e7b0a9fb8daf92e_350__2“I realised that the same can be said for Buddhist sutras because most people can’t understand a word. And the thing is, listening to rap music makes you feel good even though it may be incomprehensible.”-Kansho Tagai aka MC HAPPINESS

089970fa92ba4e8187cc6c3ff8343ad6_de9bbc14d1770e87791af864d20a66db_1_social_large.jpegSo I guess there are no boundaries in music in terms of religion right? we could have fun together. For me fighting over religion on social media, or maybe fighting over a physical bodywork is ridiculous, instead of spreading love and caring, everyone is spreading hate, and investing those stereotypes, kudos to MC HAPPINESS, and Gyosen Asakura that trying to embrace the young generation to get closer to Buddhism where younger people thoughts it’s going to be a long, and hard teachings.

“Religion is man-made, it’s flawed. I don’t follow nobody. I follow my own conscience.”-ICE CUBE

And you can take a look on Poetic Pilgrimage they are a duo Muneera Williams and Sukina Owen-Douglas from London. They expressed that they do music for expressing their thoughts, and although we have a different race, and religion (of course) as a woman I definitely supporting their acts for being different, and very outspoken to speak about the stereotypical of being Muslim. I mean I have some Muslim friends in real life, and I have no problems with them at all, I guess we need to know what topic we can talk about, and not. For example like YUNA, she’s very outspoken with her beliefs, but she is still listening to Rihanna, Beyoncé, things that we listen too, the reason why I don’t state any political views, is that when you mix out religion and political issues it became cancer. Another thing in life is that you need to read books! a lot!

Also as Pope Francis said ;  “I think it is not right to identify Islam with violence. It is not right and it is not true. I believe that in every religion there is always a little fundamentalist group. I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence because every day, when I look at the papers I see violence here in Italy—someone killing his girlfriend, someone killing his mother-in-law. These are baptized Catholics.”Also just because seeing someone is being black it is not fair to put them into a category of a gang, because of look at the Top 10 Most Dangerous In the World, there are literally Asian gangs! You will not hate French Montana for his religion, don’t you? or Paul Pogba? for those who love football? So what I’m trying to say yes there is a crime everywhere, anywhere, and people with any religion can do it! it’s about how we put ourselves, educate ourselves in the right way. TALK TO SOMEONE THAT YOU ARE CLOSE, PREFERABLE WELL EDUCATED, and mature that you are. Don’t play stereotypes, it’s a huge NO. 

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