+being an asian art performer+

Being an art performer in Asia is something that is not easy at all because when we are young we are told to be a businessman, lawyer, doctor. Education is definitely important, but what about people who are not excelled? well you still need it, even you are not good at it, just try your best, and if it’s long enough to know yourself, better late then never. I decided to be a journalist in my third year of International Business, after finding that business wasn’t a part of me, and luckily my parents are okay with it. Know your goals, maybe there are some parts of education that don’t fit your workplace, for example, if you want to be a journalist, you don’t have to finish up to master or doctorate degree. In case of me, I’ll take a Graduate Diploma, which is still higher than a Bachelor programme.

Anyways, I learnt about originality in my class, which I want to share, being an Asian in music industry you kind of stuck, well you don’t want to be “white” oriented, but you might not want to be “black” oriented too, as you may know, there are certain cultural identities that we might not understand at all. In fact, at the moment, can you tell any of genre of music that doesn’t include any hip hop or R&B materials? it’s becoming a famous genre, which considered at pop because they are so popular at the moment.

So what makes it different, firstly not adopting any other culture, for example, if you are coming from a different background, tell your own stories, the hardships that you faced. For example, how someone can be original? $tupid Young joined the crips at the age of 14! the people that he grew up with him, a conversation sparked that Asians people can’t say the “n” word, but later on an interview he stated

“you put somebody into that type environment, you cannot expect them to not be a reflection of the environment”- $tupid Young on Camp Capone News.

$tupid Young stated that he grew up with the lifestyle from poverty, the drugs all around, and definitely joining crips is also part of his lifestyle he made his songs of his own, with the lifestyle that he got. But what about Eminem saying it at 1999 shows with Royce da 5″9? well, as a matter of case he was in his 20s at that time, he grew up in the environment, and he changed his lyrical style over the years, indeed it may take some time for some people to realise but, it’s really up to them A$AP Rocky once stated in a talk show at Oxford University, but I am a huge fan of both artists they are totally different ;

 “I don’t care who uses the n-word. The N-word is inevitable, it’s just – like the word ‘cool’”-A$AP Rocky

The purpose of this post is too avoiding, to have stereotyping people based on their race. Indeed there are some Asian people that are living in an environment that’s very hard, living nearby the Crips for example, and I just want to say that not everyone that has Asian backgrounds is having a high degree, or maybe the “Asian” job like I described above. Also, there are Asian people that adapted life in a very different way, and sometimes people don’t really know about it.

Also, we are going to talk about Holland, the K POP artist that being gay, in having a career in South Korea. Being a gay person in Asia is definitely not something that easies for anyone. A$AP stated in the interview that everyone should have ice package because what we have done on earth because hell is really hot, it’s making me laugh, but it’s true, I guess we are all too judgemental over some people, without knowing their intentions. But I really appreciate HOLLAND for being true to himself, and being open about gay relationships, because it come to a lot of risks when you speak about gay topics in Asia. But in Taiwan LGBT is legal, but I can confirm you guys that I’m a straight girl, but I do have friends that felt being left out after they come out. I got the data from The Diplomat to give you guys a glimpse.

Also, there are artists like Ruby Ibarra, Mio Soul who offer things differently in the music market. Ruby Ibbara talks about the experience as a Filipino immigrant, she stated ;

“I definitely try to incorporate a lot of cultural history — my background is Filipino — into my spoken word and music. A lot of those themes are overlooked in mainstream media and I feel it’s important to include that in my music as well.”- Ruby Ibbara on MIC

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