+youtube and music in my country+

As you probably know that everyone is actually listening to hip hop music, I mean you could tell from the percentage on how hip hop music is actually charting the billboard charts. In fact, YouTubers also using this opportunity to raise their viewers on their channel, by making things that are interested enough for people to stream or watch their YouTube channel, we can see how KSI, or maybe Ryan Higa making similar movement towards this music co-related industry.

Actually KSI have been making some music since years ago, but it’s just became a thing in my country too! Ryan Higa also did some parodic music in the past and his recent one is Exposed, but actually his music is really unique in a way, almost seems that it’s very highly produced, even with KSI he worked with P. Money whom is famous in the GRIME industry (almost! like UK Rap), KSI’s music video even surpassing the 100 million views, not to mentioned that even Kevin Hart, who is a famous comedian having his own music under name Chocolate Droppa.

So this kind of thing also happening in my country, like the famous YouTuber Atta Halilintar, Reza Octovian that goes by the under name RAPYOURBAE. What do I think about these songs? Well I mean surprisingly they are not bad at all. There might be some appropriation about this industry, like on how rappers are always flashing out their money, cars, jewellery, or maybe the way that they are dressing(?) I mean Indonesia is such a warm country! 🙂 But anyhow Atta himself is coming from a difficult family in the past, and his recent success actually inspired many young people (including my brother) to be brave enough starting their own business, and yeah I have to say Atta is funny in a way! So amazing job by Atta..I hope you guys can find the subtitle of this WORK HARD PLAY HARD song.

We also have RAPYOURBAE, remember the GD fans having a fight over the internet of this song BULLSHIT vs KING(Of Tale), I personally don’t think is the same, despite I’m also a GD’s fan. In fact, he also released an EP, and I have to say its a decent EP to start with, the ex YouTube star is quitting YouTube to be more serious in the music industry, but I have to say all of this people are highly creative people, and I really salute them. Even Anderson .Paak himself have been a homeless person before his stardom.

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  1. W.D. Herstun says:

    That work hard, pray hard goes in!


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