+how the English national team changes over the years, and tackling racism in football+

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032bbf14ce064852a0349f89706d810fThe English national team is now preparing their Euro 2020 Qualification, with names of the players that will join the squad I was surprised with their success last year, I was even surprised with the bond that they have. Before the team was managed by Gareth Southgate, I do feel like I have the need to only cheer for a player instead for a team, but the thing is I love the bond outside the Premier League team. When they are in the national team they are all bonded together. Recently football game also part of the racism subject, nonetheless back in 2018 Gareth Southgate stated ;

“A lot of the players have children and our kids don’t think anything of who they talk to – people of all race, colour and religion. They are born into this world with no prejudice at all. It’s only when they put their beliefs on to them that their opinions can change. We’re victims in this world of prejudice, thinking that comes from others, and that’s very sad.” – Gareth Southgate

Raheem Sterling also has been centred in the media as well, due to his gun tattoo, but he was actually saving England in Spain during the UEFA Nation League in Spain scoring 2 goals. Other than that players like Danny Rose have been a racist subject years ago when he was competing for England U-21, it was a monkey chant, another young player Callum Hudson-Odoi have been the victim of the same chant during Europa League in Kiev. And Callum is actually 18 years old, I mean why would you bring someone else’s mental down?

It’s not only in the man’s competition, during the World Cup U-17, Rhian Brewster also experiencing a racial abuse during England vs Spain. He stated ;

“As Morgan was running away, he [a Spain player] has called him a monkey. It was a goal-kick and I was getting into position. ‘Morgan,’ I said, ‘did you hear that?’ He said: ‘Yeah, yeah, I thought I was the only one.’”- Rhian Brewster

Things are needed to be changed, it’s definitely not going to be easy, and difficult, showing what happened actually I start to think that racism is still living around us, and they already infected the young generations. Eleven people out of 23 are black or of mixed ethnicity, compared to six England people who went to 2014 World Cup, and nine at Euro 2016, since I’m Asian (OMG such a proud Asian woman) we need at least a player having Asian background. Am I right? and guess what I’ve found a record! For Frank Soo, that played for England during World War II, and he was part of Chinese background, England also have a future for Easah Suliman who has Pakistani background..but anyways I’m such a proud fan of Three Lions #GOENGLAND #FOOTBALLCOMINGHOME



Dem love run like Raheem but I’ve got sterling
Sterling, yeah, that’s smoke

이제 건들면 가만 안 두지
지루한 얘네 쟤네 새로 떠, 난 Dele Alli

* these lyrics translated to ; Now if you touch me, I will not let you go. They’re boring, they’re new, I’m Dele Alli. And fun fact it’s from a South Korean rap competition.

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