Alright ladies, hold up..don’t worry about the music world, sometimes it can go wrong without your predictions. BUT if you want to look for new music check out INTERSECTION from AVEX Japan, they are the newly debuted group. They are quartet William, Kazuma, Caelan, Mika, if you want to look for a boy group that is so good looking they are the answer. Highly suggested if you are a ONE DIRECTION group.

This boy group is a bit different from any other boy groups in Japan, because all the members are actually mix-race kids, all of them have culturally different backgrounds, most of them have been living overseas, and having interactions with other culture as well. They could be the answer for the new JPOP market in the world, while it’s very hard sometimes to look for Jpop artists’ YouTube, because you can only see it in Japan. But they do speak Japanese, and English as well, so both domestic, and international market they have the appeal to the music fans. The reason is that the music that they are making is the music that the world like to listen to at the moment, a bit R&B, Pop, and Alternative music. At the moment as the globalisation occurring a lot of people are also having tour overseas, and English become such a staple to interact with the fans, as you can gain more interests from the public.

INTERSECTIONI have to say they have such a decent record by far, for me to break the international market you need the right genre, and I think they have it, they have a lot of influence of R&B fused music that is really huge at the moment, their music video style is also something that the fans would like to see, because they don’t have this cutesy look, because we are all in different time, we look the “swag” ness, the coolness of the artists themselves. Their songs are in English so be sure to check that out..and hold on fangirls your hearts might be falling apart!

Their songs are perfect for younger people as well because they have this falling in love, relationship type of songs, but they look mature, very composed, and I think that’s the way I like their representations. Their voice is pretty clear as well, if you like DEAN, Ne-Yo definitely you need to check them out.

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