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I have an instagram friend, his name is Isaiah and he is an amazing photographer, although we never meet, we are just a friend, and we just clicked the moment we talk about art, and music. And that is my friend, I recently joked because no one would like to go to Jay Rock’s concert in Melbourne with me, and he said he would like to, but he lived in California, here his website. He recommends me Jay Prince for me to listen to, and definitely, I’m checking him out, and I love it! definitely I haven’t heard from Jay Prince because there are so many talented musicians that did not get the attention that they deserve.

Anyways Jay Prince got a chance to be part of Chance the Rapper show, but to be fairly honest he reminds me of Samm Henshaw, here if you want to check his music video, and definitely I write more about him in the future.


Jay Prince is a British rapper, born and raised in the UK, Polaroids is one of the songs that I’m a fan of, definitely loving this guy, and thanks to my friend as well for recommend him. His music is being described as chill, and mellow at the same time, and to be honest there are the gospel feels, for like the songs Father, Father, Blessed Now. Sometimes the gospelly feel making the song(s) even more have their own soul, a deeper character of the song. In a way almost like giving a confession of your/our real feelings. But indeed his songs are mainly chill, and actually lately I’m enjoying a slower songs instead of a drop base hip hop songs.



I’ve made a spotify playlist for him, so please check it out, and let me know what do you think about Jay Prince on the comment section below! I really appreciate it if you guys let me know, what do you guys think about this blog, and definitely you can also leave me a suggestions too.

he just released his newest music video, so check it out.

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  1. W.D. Herstun says:

    I’m definitely going to check him out!


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