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Hii guys, you might heard Loyle Carner before, especially if you have been following my blog, I posted about BRIT HOP here. Indeed he is a talented artist, but you might know the other reason on why I love Loyle Carner right? I guess the clues are there! am I right? he also a football fans, he has been numerously spotted wearing England, Liverpool shirts. Although he is also a fan of Eric Cantona, because of his stepfather is a fan of Manchester United, and Rangers because of his grandfather.

But Loyle Carner is doing more than just football and music, please stay tuned or just scroll down to the music videos listed if you don’t want to read anything. He collaborated with Levi, in order to help young musicians in Liverpool in a program up to 6 months, and it’s an interesting collaboration between both parties, the program started in last December though.

Anyway, he just released a song with Jorja Smith, if you want to check Jorja’s music review, check it over here. But I will post about Jorja more in the future. The music videos was released a week ago, but since I just change my Google Account, I wasn’t aware that there is music from him, and Jorja. It’s about on how Loyle hope that he got the supports from the surroundings since he was young. In fact he is pretty open that he got ADHD and dyslexia, and as a young kid he was enrolled in a drama school but dropped when his stepfather died. I think its a beautiful song for sure, and Jorja’s voice singing is adding more emotions to the song, making it more to have a sorrowful, and desperate emotions. Hoping to see more of Loyle Carner in the future, and I’m going to review his EP or album this weekend..so stay tuned.

By the way last but not least he was once making a poem for the UEFA CHAMPION LEAGUE ROAD TO CARDIFF. And since he is a Liverpool fan he was on Liverpool’s YouTube channel too, so be sure checking it out.

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  1. Love that Carner has a Liverpool connection. Im a Liverpool fan myself! Good content, with more practice (particularly focus on grammer) your site will be a real success. Well done and best of look, keep doing it!


    1. O really me too, love Steven Gerard and he will always be in my hard, and forever. Thank you I will work hard regarding about the grammar ❤️❤️.


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