+allez allez, liverpool+

Liverpool fans..rejoice we are going to the quater finals!!!! well it’s definitely going to be tough, but the players are just the best. I was so scared either they are going to made it or not, the draw at Anfield was just something else, but listen last year we go to the finals, and hopefully we can do the same thing again! I mean this is also a good drill for the England players for the Euros qualifications as well..so Trent!! OMG I’m such a stan. Allison Becker, indeed you are right that You Will Never Walk Alone, soo keep your faith up to the sky no matter what happened, and thanks for being one of my role model.

So what’s going on last night was…Matip made an OG (don’t to that for the next round!) but thankfully we have our guy Van Djik, and Sadio Mane (#crying). Mane lead us with the goals but Matip did something wrong, but we were able to bounce back with the dangerous situation, I mean that happened sometimes…the guys did so well, the English teams are definitely on fire for Champion League 4 of them went for the quarter Manchester City, Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool..well although I’m a Liverpool fan, since the Euro is coming up, I’m an England fans so basically I have to bias regarding the clubs, but since I’m a fan of Steven Gerrard he must be very happy for his team making it through for the Quarter right? We will have a little bit family reunion with Emre Can, Raheem Sterling, Luiz Suarez, and Phillipe Coutinhou…and no matter where they are I still call them family….

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