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Young M.A born as Katorah Marrero in New York City, she was born in a difficult family in terms of financial, and there are a lots of criminals in the neighbourhood. She making it public that she’s a lesbian, and confessing to Vogue that she likes girls at the age of 5, but I think her story is a story that everyone should listen to.  Just because someone is turning gay, or lesbian that doesn’t mean that the world come to an end. In fact we all can share the love, and spreading the acceptance all around, showing support for the people who get the rejections, or maybe feeling uncomfortable with their life.

“I used to be scared to tell my moms… because I knew my moms wasn’t the type of mother to be like ‘Oh, I don’t like you’ or ‘I’m gonna ignore you,’ but part of me still was scared.”-Young M.A on an interview with The Breakfast Club

Young M.A made the list of Forbes Under 30 in 2018, and in the same year she organised a Mother’s Day brunch for the families that lost their lost ones. She also lost her brother  Kenneth in 2009 to a street violence, she also has her own philanthropic organisation called  Kweens Foundation that focusing on low income families, and mothers that lost their kids to street violence. At the end of this point I think we are all going to be remembered on what we are giving to the community later in life, and it’s so important to have someone like Young M.A that able to give the positive social activities.  I’m so grateful that my mum teaches me to give since I was young and maybe I would like to give one (if I have enough money to do so) for social activities for all races. 🙂

But going back to her music, she has a unique voice, her voice is not something like other female rappers, you can listen once her voice jab your ears it oozes coolness, the swag is there, and one of the main reasons is that she got a lower tone to compare to any other female rappers. Also just want to point out really quick she’s opens with her depression her, so for those who also experienced similar thing like Young M.A just want to tell you guys out there that there are still so many ways to go back up like she did, having a positive activities like social services is one of the things, and being open enough 🙂

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  1. W.D. Herstun says:

    I totally agree. She came from a tough situation and worked hard to make it back up. I think it’s a much harder struggle on her being a lesbian in rap because she can’t sell her body like Cardi B or Nicki Minaj so she has to rely more on flow and swag.
    Nice write up. I can’t wait for the next artist next week


    1. yeah I think it’s important as well for ladies to know that their body is not only a sexual thing, but they can sell arts, and also their own stories to empower each other..by the way instagram and twitter are down!

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      1. W.D. Herstun says:

        Twitter was up all day here! IG & FB went down and stayed down all day. They said it was the worst fb crash ever. Somebody is prolly gonna get fired.


      2. Yess 😅😅😅but at least youtube is still up

        Liked by 1 person

  2. W.D. Herstun says:

    Oh. And OOOUUUU hit the radio so HARD here lol. Everyone knows that song!


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